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  • Big Trouble in Little Britain

    It hasn’t been a fantastic week for the Great British public: late last week potentially 4 million TalkTalk customers had their personal information stolen and M&S’ website accidently revealed their…

  • ICYMI: What’s your Cyber Security IQ?

    We recently released a quiz comprising some basic question to test your cyber security knowledge. Care to put yourself to the test and find out how 1000 participants faired?

  • You need to download another patch

    We receive patches for moderate to serious security flaws in popular software almost daily nowadays. Does this mean that security is improving or is it playing catch-up?

  • ESET Smart Security and NOD32 Version 9 Release

    As of 13th October ESET Smart Security Version 9 and NOD32 Version 9 are available for download. New features include a new GUI design, Banking & Payment protection and a file Reputation Evaluator.

  • Experian hacked, T-Mobile angry

    Last week Experian, a reputable company known for performing credit checks, suffered a data breach which saw the personal info of 15 million T-Mobile customers up for grabs.