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  • Stealing your fingerprints

    A security flaw in the Samsung Galaxy S5 could potentially allow the theft of fingerprint data from the devices “Trusted Zone”. Are biometrics really that safe and will they ever truly replace the...

  • Could you hack a plane?

    In flight Wi-Fi! One of the little miracles of modern travel, might be leaving the planes themselves vulnerable to hack attacks.

  • Gamers Targeted via Steam

    Gamers are under fire again! This time via cloned game pages on Steam which redirect to malware riddled download pages. Is nothing sacred?!

  • Morphing Malware Misery

    A shapeshifting piece of malware, called Beebone, which at one point changed its identity 19 times a day, has been beaten it seems.

  • Info Stealing Extensions

    Browser extensions. Most people use them, they can make browsing the web even easier, enhance specific sites or turn ads into cat gifs. They can also, according to a recent report, steal your login...

  • Smart Meter scheme not so smart

    Smart meters aren’t really anything new but the government’s smart meter scheme would see them in every UK home by 2020, saving a possible £17bn on energy bills. Mark James discusses the potential...