Inside ESET’s Role in Partnering with Google: The App Defense Alliance

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Tony Anscombe, Global Security Evangelist and Industry Partnerships Ambassador, ESET

This morning, we announced that ESET has joined the App Defense Alliance. Beginning today, ESET will collaborate by providing intelligence that will make mobile applications on the Google Play Store safer.

Why is this partnership significant, and what does it mean for you? A few brief points.

How it Works
ESET will integrate our award-winning scanning engine into the robust compliance process of listing an app on the Google Play Store. What was previously a reactive effort by ESET to identify security matters is now a full-fledged proactive campaign to protect consumers and businesses. The primary goal of the App Defense Alliance is to ensure the safety of the Google Play Store, by identifying and potentially harmful and unwanted apps before they are listed on the Google Play.

Our Expertise
ESET is uniquely qualified to support this partnership with its cybersecurity leadership in threat research. ESET has been and is a prolific publisher of cybersecurity research via its award-winning research portal at

A Multilayered Approach
This partnership does not negate the need for a mobile security solution. There is no silver bullet in cybersecurity. Third-party apps such as ESET Mobile Security are still an essential part of staying safe online by providing on-device protection against threats that can originate from many different sources.

Putting it All Together
ESET is no stranger to strategic partnerships with Google. This announcement comes on the heels of our partnership earlier this year with Alphabet’s Chronicle and our work on the cleaner in Google Chrome Cleanup, a security tool that alerts Google Chrome users to potential threats.

Together, members of the App Defense Alliance will be able to stay one step ahead of bad actors and protect businesses and consumers. I look forward to this unique and exciting collaboration.