Level up your digital security defenses with ESET Endpoint Security

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Our flagship solution, ESET Endpoint Security, provides powerful multilayered protection for desktops, laptops and smartphones for businesses of all sizes. It is an essential component in any modern business’ digital security toolkit.

With cyber threats continuing to rise in prominence, a single layer of defense is no longer enough. ESET Endpoint Security’s multilayered defense means it can detect malware pre-execution, during execution and post-execution to provide the highest level of protection possible. This helps businesses protect against the scourge of ransomware, block targeted attacks, prevent data breaches, and detect advanced persistent threats (APTs).

Why ESET Endpoint Security should be on your radar

In its recent Mobile Security Management (MSM) Market Radar report, respected analyst group Omdia highlighted why buyers should put ESET Endpoint Security on their radar. “The dominance of more mobile-centric work styles has increased the priority that businesses are attaching to mobile security. ESET Endpoint Security helps businesses ensure that data and access to sensitive internal networks and apps are protected across all the devices used by employees,” said Adam Holtby, Principal Analyst, Mobile Workspace at Omdia.

Omdia referred to the fact that customers value ESET’s threat detection capabilities, its light technology footprint, and the cost-effectiveness of the solution. It also highlighted that ESET Endpoint Security’s device management features enable admins to remotely carry out tasks from a single pane of glass. This includes being able to define password and screen lock policies, lock devices, prompt employees to encrypt devices, and block hardware capabilities and features such as cameras, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi.

Protection can also be extended via ESET Cloud Mobile Device Management (Cloud MDM) which is an add-on feature native to the ESET PROTECT Cloud – an ESET SaaS delivered management console for Android and iOS. As an agent-less solution, it does not run directly on the device, saving battery and enhancing security performance. Furthermore, connection certificate management is also handled by ESET, so IT admins don’t have to worry about certificate renewals or being compliant with the latest security standards.

Reducing the attack surface

It is important that businesses of all sizes level up their digital security defenses. Although it is not possible to prevent all attacks on a network, by reducing the attack surface along with the employment of preventive measures such as speedy patching, careful system configuration, fastidious monitoring, and periodic health checks, it is possible to mitigate the effects.

ESET Endpoint Security is here to help. Its multi-tenant management console provides admins with real-time visibility of all the smartphones, servers, and desktops within the business. The most recent iteration includes a new auto-update mechanism to ensure defenses are always up to date. This helps lighten the burden on increasingly time-poor IT admins.

It also links with ESET LiveGuard Advanced to analyze suspicious files within the cloud, zero day threats and never-before-seen threat types through machine learning detection algorithms. On top of this, it boasts new functionality to help admins better defend their businesses in the remote work era thanks to Brute-Force Attack Protection blocking external IP addresses that exhibit the characteristics of an oncoming brute-force attack on remote desktop protocol (RDP) logins.

Protect the remote worker

In a move to further protect the remote worker, ESET Endpoint Security is now compatible with ARM64, the processor that dominates the mobile device market. ESET Endpoint Security protects remote workers through a new web control feature in ESET PROTECT, that allows IT admins to regulate employees’ access to suspicious websites from their mobile devices. Using built-in categories and custom rules, admins can blacklist, whitelist, or warn about URLs that lead to sites with harmful content or that can negatively impact employee productivity.

To learn more about ESET Endpoint Security and how it can support the needs of businesses looking to empower an increasingly mobile workforce, please click here.