ESET for healthcare companies

Our end-to-end security solutions are the best preventative medicine on the market.

Patients are your priority. Protection is ours.


Multiple layers of security, end-to-end protection and award-winning technology—all from a single security provider.


Extremely low footprint, extremely high detection rates, low false positives—that's ESET.


Designed to free up your valuable IT resources for vital healthcare services.

Top benefits from deploying ESET security solutions in healthcare:

ESET Security Solutions Response Chart

Why healthcare customers switched to ESET

"ESET products have performed without incident for the last three years. The product is the best value in its class and the easiest to deploy and manage."

Dave Gossett, IT Director, VIP Midsouth


“We’ve used multiple products from Trend Micro, McAfee, and Norton. ESET, by far, has been the fastest and easiest to use product and has given the best virus scanning results.”

Joe Murray, System Administrator, ApolloMD

TVID: 986-389-BAF

“Once ESET is configured and deployed it requires little to no maintenance. It runs quietly in the background and does its job well.”

Drew McIntire, System Administrator, Lexington Infectious Disease Consultants

TVID: 800-85C-CF8

How ESET beats the competition

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Prevents breaches
Safeguard patient data and Personally Identifiable Information (PII) from attacks that can damage your reputation.

Icon of cross-platform capability

Provides proactive, affordable solutions
Deploy across multiple endpoints and operating systems, including Windows, Mac, Linux and Android

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Extends product life
Reduce costs by keeping legacy systems and hardware running smoothly with ESET’s low system demands.

Icon featuring flexibility across different devices

Streamlines management
Oversee your entire network—workstations, servers and mobile devices—from a single console.

Icon of tools to configure settings

Supports customization
Build custom reports using your own variables or choose from hundreds of out-of-the-box reports.

Icon of speedometer for fragmentation checking

Speeds up processes
Keep users happy and systems running fast with ESET’s light footprint—no more slowdowns or interruptions.

How ESET provides head-to-toe protection

Image of encryption on multiple devices

Ensure that patient data stored on removable drives, laptops, and emails is unreadable to unauthorized parties, giving you safety from HIPAA penalties.

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Man Using Phone For Two-Factor Authentication

Secure authentication
Our two-factor, one-time password solution can be set up in just 10 minutes and limits access to authorized users only.

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Backup and Recovery
Data, applications, and systems recovery solution for physical and virtual environments help you recover anytime, anywhere, from any situation.

Text of cost of DDos attacks to healthcare organizations



$2.1 million: Average cost of a data breach to healthcare organizations

-Fifth Annual Benchmark Study on Privacy and Security of Healthcare Data, Ponemon Institute, May 2015

Text of the average cyberattack healthcare organization's experience



79% of healthcare organizations say system failures are the top security threat they face.

-Ponemon Institute, May 2015

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