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Hospitals and other healthcare organizations are popular targets for cybercriminals, who see them as both vulnerable and extremely profitable. These institutions collect personal and financial information—from credit cards and billing information to social security numbers—which can be easily monetized if stolen by hackers. They’re also subject to ransomware or DDoS attacks that deny access to networks or services in demand for payment.

A successful attack can have an incalculable human cost in terms of lost records, missed appointments and cancelled medical procedures—which is why prevention is key to the health of your business.

ESET solutions address the IT security challenges:

Protection of highly sensitive data, including PII, medical records and payment information

Privacy and security issues surrounding the rise in telemedicine and remote work due to Covid-19

The shift to electronic medical records, which can be locked down or deleted in an attack

Stringent compliance requirements driven by HIPAA, PCI, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, etc.

Reliance on third party vendors for services and equipment, which can increase breach risk

Equipment ranging from legacy hardware and multiple OSes to the latest mobile devices

Cyberattacks on healthcare organizations
more than doubled in 2020.

IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence Index 2021

Ransomware accounted for 28% of all attacks on hospitals and other healthcare providers.

IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence Index 2021

$7.13 million: Average cost of a data breach for healthcare organizations.

IBM Security Cost of a Data Breach Report 2020

54% of healthcare vendors have experienced at least one data breach of PHI belonging to patients of the healthcare providers they serve.

Ponemon Institute. “Are Risk Assessments Failing to Secure the Third-Party Healthcare Ecosystem?” March 2020


Protect your endpoints, data, employees and patients with ESET’s multilayered technology. The ESET PROTECT platform offers customizable security solutions that are easy to manage from a web console available in convenient bundles.

In addition, these solutions are compatible with, Windows, macOS and Linux for seamless integration into your existing systems and are manageable via the cloud or on-premises.

Modern multilayered endpoint protection featuring strong machine learning and easy-to-use management.

Best-in-class endpoint protection against ransomware & zero-day threats, backed by powerful data security.

Complete, multilayered protection for endpoints, cloud applications and email, the number one threat vector.

All-in-one prevention, detection & response combining enterprise-grade XDR with complete multilayered protection.


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