Rip and Replace™ Migration Service

Transitioning to a new antimalware and security solution can be a challenge. Incomplete removal of the old software results in workarounds and lingering performance issues. The Rip and Replace service completely removes the old software and installs your optimized new security solution while minimally impacting your end-users.


Why wait to migrate? ESET makes it easy!

You don't have to jump through hoops to install the best security solution on the market. Start enjoying ESET's signature light footprint, exceptional detection rates and low false positives right away.

You want a smarter, faster, customizable antivirus solution. Switching security solutions on a large scale can be challenging for any organization. A well-planned strategy can minimize the impact on business processes without sacrificing security.

ESET Rip and Replace Service removes the risks and worries out of migrating to ESET. It smoothly replaces your existing antivirus solution with your customized ESET installation. All the workarounds, hassles and performance issues plaguing your old system just melt away.

Legacy antivirus clients with password protection won't slow us down. Your end users will experience no interruptions to protection. And because we do the work for you, your IT staff won't have to work the weekend to get it done. You can even get a management report to the track progress of the migration.

The ESET Rip and Replace service is a customized solution for organizations medium-sized or larger. Based on your computer's configurations, the ESET Rip and Replace service removes all traces of existing antivirus software from all of your machines and seamlessly installs the ESET antivirus software from a central location.

See how Rip and Replace hits all the right notes

  • A single MSI or EXE completely removes incumbent AV and installs ESET
  • No impact on users
  • Migration is completed in minutes
How the 3-step process works

After purchasing the ESET Rip and Replace service, your dedicated ESET Sales Engineer will walk you through these three easy steps:

Step 1

Using ESET's custom executable, upload your current antivirus installers to ESET.

Step 2

Confirm delivery with your ESET engineer and we'll build and test a Rip and Replace package against your installers, so that the MSI package works flawlessly.

Step 3

We'll schedule a two-hour remote session with you to build and test within your environment to make sure you are able to deploy effectively.

Why Rip and Replace

Why Rip & Replace means more R&R for you

Migrating to other security solutions

  • Requires disabling of incumbent AV self defense, password protection, and HIPS
  • Requires total system reboot 90% of the time
  • Can require multiple migration attempts
  • Time consuming
  • Typically leaves behind traces of AV that impact performance and prevent new AV installation

Migrating to ESET with Rip and Replace

  • Quickly and efficiently removes an incumbent AV and fully configures ESET
  • Fastest and easiest path for removing your old AV
  • Single installer for quick and easy removal followed by installation
  • Saves time by minimizing reboots and greatly reducing impact on employee productivity
Why Users Switch to ESET Endpoint Security


Count on ESET's proactive, multilayered approach to block unauthorized access, secure private data, and prevent intrusions.


Defend against malware with fast-scanning, accurate detection that's light on systems and low on false positives.


Easily manage tens or thousands of Windows®, Mac®, Linux™ and Android™ devices from one spot with ESET Remote Administrator.

Key Features

Key Features of ESET Rip and Replace:

Custom transition plan

      Efficiently switches your existing antivirus solution to ESET's product.

      Custom uninstaller

          Time is valuable, which is why Rip & Replace is built and tested for you, prior to delivery. It removes all versions of existing antivirus software without wasting any time.

          Uninterrupted protection

              Seamlessly transition from your existing antivirus product to ESET, so you can avoid ever having computers without protection.

              Low impact on resources

                  Rip & Replace is configured to run silently in the background, or be triggered on reboot, minimizing impact on employee productivity.

                  Accounting and reporting

                      Reports can be loaded into a central location in your network so you can quickly find which endpoints have been migrated to ESET, and which ones still need Rip & Replace to be performed.

                      Free technical consultation

                          Pricing includes two hours of consulting time with an ESET Sales Engineer.

                          Frees up IT resources

                              Saves your IT staff's time by completing the entire process with a single installer, rather than needing multiple deployments of software to switch AV solutions.

                              Management tools

                                  ESET Rip and Replace can be deployed from a number of central management tools including:

                                  • ESET Remote Administrator
                                  • Microsoft® Windows® Active Directory (Group Policy)
                                  • Microsoft Windows Systems Management Server
                                  • Microsoft Windows PsExec
                                  • Novell® ZENworks
                                  • Dell KACE
                                  • IBM Tivoli®

                                  Operating systems

                                      Windows 2000 (Professional & Server editions)
                                      Windows XP (32 and 64-bit editions)
                                      Windows Vista (32 and 64-bit editions)
                                      Windows 7 (32 and 64-bit editions)
                                      Windows 8.1 (32 and 64-bit editions)

                                      Disk space

                                          Less than 100 MB needed.

                                          Note: Rip and Replace Service is currently available in the United States and Canada only.

                                          Rip and Replace was fantastic. I suspected the process would have taken weeks of having to 'touch' 650 workstations and manually remove the old product. Rip and Replace cut the process down to a few days and in addition to removing McAfee, it installed ESET endpoint and connected it to the management server.

                                          Chris, System Administrator, Johnson County Government (650 seats)

                                          ESET implemented a strategy for a district-wide rollout, they created a package that removed old product replacing it with ESET NOD32, and activated at the same time. Rolling out their product was one of the easiest migrations we ever had to do in our district.

                                          Hector Velarde, Systems Engineer, San Marcos Unified School District (8,000 seats)

                                          ESET's Rip and Replace installer did a better job uninstalling Symantec Antivirus than Symantec's own product.

                                          IT manager, City of Paso Robles

                                          Our ESET specialists are here to help you customize the right solution for your business.