Topnotch protection to help improve your bottom line

Using the Kaseya console provides ease of management plus rapid deployment and adoption of ESET solutions.

With this plug-in, you can provide superior antimalware options for your network of managed clients: just replace their existing solutions with ESET's lightweight client for low system resource usage and proactive detection of threats.

Resolve any issues quickly and easily with real-time monitoring and remediation, resulting in confident helpdesk techs and satisfied end users. Talk about a classic win-win situation.

Streamline your operations while improving end user security

ESET's remote administrator plug-in allows an administrator to manage ESET endpoints from within the familiar Kaseya virtual system administrator. Using the Kaseya Info Center, administrators can:

  • Deploy the latest version of ESET software to your Kaseya-managed machines
  • Quickly and easily deploy configurations to ESET clients
  • Initiate scans and updates
  • View threat data and generate reports

See how ESET seamlessly integrates to make tasks simpler and free up time for other IT projects.

All the features you need in one convenient package

  • Deploy ESET Endpoint Antivirus, ESET Endpoint Security and ESET File Security for Microsoft Windows Server directly from your Kaseya console.
  • Customize dashboard views to show client and threat information broken down by Kaseya organization.
  • Create Kaseya alerts configured to email IT technicians or run Kaseya agent procedure scripts.
  • Set up and view multiple ESET dashboards for a quick visual indicator of your endpoint security status.
  • Initiate on-demand endpoint scans and virus detection database updates.
  • Define permissions for different user roles to allow or deny access to different product settings.
  • Generate report templates and PDF reports using the Kaseya Info Center.

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System requirements

  • ESET Remote Administrator 5.3.x or 6.5.x
  • ESET Business Product (Endpoint) Licenses
  • Kaseya Virtual System Administration 7.0 and newer

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