Cryptojacking: The Latest Spin on Data Breaches

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Cryptojacking is the latest in a series of cyberattacks designed to hijack victims’ computers. But this variety of data breach steals virtual currency, not data.

Unlike ransomware, which holds data and computers hostage in return for a ransom payment, cryptojacking uses the victim’s computing devices to secretly mine cryptocurrency or send it from the victim’s wallet to the attacker’s.

Because hackers use malicious email links, websites and online ads to transmit cryptomining code, a multilayered security approach is key to blocking it and preventing data breaches in general.

Join this webinar for the specifics. You’ll learn:

  • Why cryptojacking is becoming so common
  • How cryptomining code is spread
  • Specific solutions, including endpoint security and anti-phishing
  • How to implement a multilayered security strategy