New ESET Security Management Center: Built to Meet Enterprise Demands

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Get ready to meet ESET’s newest management server!

We’re replacing ESET Remote Administrator with the all-new ESET Security Management Center, an enterprise-grade server that provides real-time visibility, full management and reporting across all operating systems.

Based on feedback from enterprise IT security specialists worldwide, the new product provides visibility into threats like zero-days, APTs and botnets. It’s also designed to make adjustments to policies and configurations of endpoint security products seamless and easy.

Join this webinar to learn about ESET Security Management Center. You’ll see:

  • How the single console provides visibility into all stages of threat interception
  • Why this enterprise-grade solution is right for businesses of all sizes
  • New features, such as ransomware shield and 1-click remediation capability
  • How to use ESET Security Management Center