Sneak Peek: Meet the New ESET Cloud Administrator

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If you use ESET Remote Administrator, you already know how simple it is to manage tasks, enforce security policies and quickly respond to problems or threats.

Now, we’ve made ESET Remote Administrator even better—by redesigning it as a cloud service.

ESET Cloud Administrator includes all the key features and capabilities of ESET Remote Administrator 6.5. It has been optimized for small and medium businesses and runs in the ESET-maintained cloud environment.

Join us for a webinar that will provide a sneak peek—and give you free access to the new tool until its official release in September. You’ll learn:

  • How the new cloud product differs in architecture and installation
  • Functionalities of ESET Cloud Administrator that help you manage your network
  • Basic set up and usage of the new web console
  • How to access your ESET Cloud Administrator free license