Solving the “password1” Problem: Why Businesses Need 2FA

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Why have two-factor authentication (2FA) in the workplace? Even if you’ve instituted password management best practices, employees will still use their work password on other websites, write their passwords on sticky notes, or use their nicknames or birthdays without a second thought—and put your business at risk.

With new PCI-DSS regulations surrounding multi-factor authentication requirements coming up on Oct. 31, it’s time to get up to speed on this proactive technology.

In this webinar, Robert Westervelt, research manager of IDC’s Security Products group, and ESET’s solutions engineer Ben Reed will provide an in-depth overview of the following:

  • Account credential theft: What can be done to prevent employees from falling into a trap?
  • How 2FA/multi-factor authentication can reduce the risk of account hijacking, mitigate weak passwords and help satisfy compliance requirements.
  • The types of multifactor authentication solutions available on the market and how it can contribute to creating a stronger security culture in the workplace.