Do More with ESET Remote Administrator

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Presenter: Ben Reed, Technical Content Strategist and Partner Sales Engineer
Scheduled Time: Live on August 31, 2016 10:00 am PST
Duration: 60 mins

5 ways to do more than JUST manage your AV.

IT Asset Management

• Track Hardware, OS info, Serial Numbers, and Logged-in users across your entire organization

Software Management

• Applications installed in last 7 days
• Applications versions installed across organization to maintain a good security policy
• Remotely install and uninstall any software
• Automate Software Install and Uninstall based off pre-defined rules

Update Management

• Manage Windows/Mac and Linux Updates

User Notification/Communication

• Notify users when downtime will occur
• Notify users when they do something against company policy

Troubleshoot Users Computers

• Utilize SysInspector to troubleshoot what might be going wrong with a computer.