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How to get a budget for cybersecurity

Get inspired by the experts’ approach

December 2022

How to get a budget for cybersecurity

Get inspired by the experts' approach

Without buy-in from executives, a lot of IT security experts have their hands somewhat tied. Fortunately, CEOs in general have become more concerned about cybersecurity over the past few years. Yet some of them still do not entirely grasp why IT security experts need more financial support. So, what can you do about it?

One major theme is that many companies weren’t prepared to secure personal devices when workers all around the world were forced to work remotely—and many still aren’t, with no policies or guidelines in place. Mixing personal and business use of such devices represents one of the biggest current security challenges facing SMBs, for example, due to difficulties with segregating sensitive business data from an employee’s personal email environment. Putting BYOD policies in place calls for creating an entire cybersecurity process of identifying and securing a personal device without intruding on private data (like GPS location or photos). This process can take months or even years to complete, requiring investments of both time and money.

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