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ESET Threat Report T2 2022

October 2023

ESET Threat Report T2 2022

Get exclusive updates from ESET researchers on emerging cyberthreats and global trends.

This look back at the last four months offers insights into what’s ahead.

Topic include:

  • Latest ransomware developments
    New trends include the first-ever ransomware bug bounty, with rewards to be paid in Monero.
  • Home users increasingly targeted
    The report notes a sixfold increase in shipping-themed phishing, often via fake DHL and USPS requests.
  • Online shopping dangers
    The web skimmer Magecart is a leading threat, going after online shoppers’ credit card details.
  • Cryptocurrency updates
    As energy prices soar, it’s becoming more profitable to steal cryptocurrencies than mine them illicitly.

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