Held every October, Cybersecurity Awareness Month is co-led by the National Cybersecurity Alliance and the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency to help all Americans stay safer online.

Do Your Part. #BeCyberSmart

Every October, we gather our top resources to help internet users of all ages stay safe online. Check out the links here for tips, cybersecurity news and safety best practices.

Be sure to share with your friends and family, colleagues and social networks. Remember, everyone deserves a safe internet experience.

Ransomware webinar

Cybersecurity insurance protects companies from some damages or liability but may not cover the latest forms of criminal activity. Learn how to keep your company protected. Tune in Oct. 27 for “New criminal tactics: How the cyber insurance landscape has changed"

Get FREE cybersecurity awareness training from ESET

Knowing the basics of strong passwords, recognizing phishing attempts and knowing how to protect your identity will go a long way toward helping you enjoy safer technology. 

#BeCyberSmart as a family

It’s no secret that today’s kids are fully immersed in technology and live their own digital lives. Explore our articles and videos on SaferKidsOnline for the best tips to keep you and your family safe online. And check out these fun and informative videos with your kids:


Password tips for kids

Signs of cyberbullying (and how to help)

Become a Cybersecurity Awareness Champion

Register with the NCSA as a Champion to show you’re committed to a safer, more secure internet. Companies, non-profits, schools and universities are welcome to add their names—no financial support required.


Speakeasy Security

Speakeasy Security features news and commentary from ESET’s leading security professionals...

5 common passwords mistakes to avoid

Password recycling or using easy-to-guess passwords are just two common mistakes you may be making...

How secure is your phone's lock screen?

From the humble passcode to biometric authentication, there are quite a few options to lock your Android phone.

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