ESET unmasks "GreyEnergy"
cyber-espionage group

Sophisticated threat actor, linked to previous "BlackEnergy" cyberattacks, targets high-value organizations.

GreyEnergy finally exposed

ESET researchers have just unmasked a new cyber-espionage group, which has been named GreyEnergy. It's the successor to the BlackEnergy group, which terrorized Ukraine in 2015 with the first known successful cyberattack on a power grid, and has since gone underground.

Our researchers have demonstrated beyond doubt that GreyEnergy's malware toolkit – which has targeted multiple companies using industrial control systems in Europe – is capable of infiltrating and controlling entire company networks. It mirrors and improves upon already-sophisticated techniques used in the Ukraine power grid outages and has the potential to spread worldwide.


ESET's exposure of GreyEnergy is important for a successful defense against this particular threat actor as well as for better understanding the tactics, tools and procedures of the most advanced APT groups.

Anton Cherepanov, ESET Senior Malware Researcher

How GreyEnergy works

Compared to BlackEnergy, GreyEnergy is a more modern toolkit with an even greater focus on stealth, which makes it extremely difficult to detect. ESET researchers have demonstrated that GreyEnergy has the capacity to take full control of entire company networks, which puts organizations of all sizes at risk

One basic stealth technique is to push only selected modules to selected targets, and only when needed. In addition, some GreyEnergy modules are partially encrypted and some remain fileless – running only in memory – with the intention of hindering analysis and detection.

To cover their tracks, GreyEnergy's operators securely wipe the malware components from the victims' hard drives.

The modules described in ESET's analysis were used for espionage and reconnaissance purposes and include backdoor, file extraction, taking screenshots, keylogging and password/credential theft.

No matter what your industry or company size, implementing a multilayered security solution is your best defense against this and other malware.

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