Be prepared for unexpected threats with top-of-the-class antivirus and internet security

Real-time proactive antivirus protection keeps your family safe from all types of malware including viruses, trojans, worms and spyware that your kids may encounter even during gaming.

Anti-phishing blocks websites trying to steal your personal information to prevent identity theft and misuse of your or your children's personal data

Anti-smishing (SMS phishing) scans incoming SMS messages for such dangerous links.

Shield for your family home network and Wi-Fi with Firewall, Webcam protection and Network inspector.

Secure online payments thanks to Secure browser mode - encrypting communication between the keyboard and browser to avoid keyloggers and passive digital footprint.

Browse and search the web safely thanks to Browser Privacy & Security Extension:

  • Safe Search to help you easily distinguish between safe and unsafe search results.
  • Browser Cleanup will clear your browser data on demand or automatically, reducing digital clutter and optimizing browser efficiency.
  • Website Settings Review – review or block allowed website notifications that can interact with system even if website is closed. This feature is available for the Ultimate plan only.
  • Metadata Cleanup to protect your personal information by removing metadata from images uploaded to your browser.This feature is available for the Ultimate plan only.

Lock and locate your lost or stolen device with Anti-Theft using modern technologies as geographical IP address location tracker, web camera image capture and user account protection.