It's dangerous to go alone!

Take an epic artifact that helps you stay safe even in the most daring realms.

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Comprehensive security from the very beginning

ESET starts to protect your PC as long as you've launched it

UEFI Scanner

–°hecks and enforces the security of the pre-boot environment that is compliant with the UEFI specification.

Multi-Layered Protection

–°omplex solution of different modules for malware, ransomware, and phishing protection based on machine learning.

Cloud Scanning

Your PC is secured by cloud technologies, where suspicious files are run in a safe environment within the ESET HQ Cloud.

Smooth gaming without disruption

Resource efficiency

Minimum impact on PC performance to boost your gaming experience

Game auto-detection

Recognizes if a game is launched in a full screen and automatically activated

Invisible work

Antivirus stays active but doesn't disrupt you with any pop-up notifications