DriveSecurity® powered by ESET NOD32

ESET antivirus application to secure your portable drives.


  • Product: DriveSecurity® powered by ESET.
  • Function: Prevents malware from spreading through external portable drives (USBs, HDDs/SSDs).
  • Price: $8.50 per drive (annually).
  • Platforms: Windows and Mac.
  • Free Trial: 30-day, full functionality, no credit card required.

Key Features

  1. Protection
    • Antimalware: Protects files against viruses, malware, spyware, Trojans, worms, rootkits, and adware.
    • Manual Launch (with standard drives): Required upon initial connection with a computer.

  2. Usability
    • No Host Installation Needed: Operates directly from the drive; just plug into a computer.
    • Manual Launch (with standard drives): Required upon initial connection with a computer.

  3. Compatibility
    • Works seamlessly with Windows and Mac computers.
    • DriveSecurity license is tied to the unique serial number of the portable device (non-transferable).

Why Choose DriveSecurity?

Safe Data Transfer and File Sharing: Ensure every file you share is malware-free, protecting friends, family, and colleagues. Transfer files between devices without the risk of spreading viruses.

Secure Public Use: Confidently use public or shared computers without worrying about your sensitive information.

Your Protection Travels with Your Drive: DriveSecurity runs from the drive and is independent of other Antivirus apps that may or may not be installed on the computer you are using.

Technology You Can Trust
  • Licensed Technology: DriveSecurity® app and associated technology is licensed from ClevX, LLC.
  • Proven Reliability: Combining ClevX's innovative app with ESET's award-winning Antivirus engine for superior protection, even when your drive is used infrequently, and signatures are not the most up-to-date.

Special Offer

Buy Now: Secure your drive for just $8.50 a year. For quantity discounts, please contact us here (

Try It Free: Download a 30-day free fully functional trial for Windows or Mac and protect your data today.

Share, play and collaborate knowing USBs are safe

Safely share photos, music, videos and more with friends, family or colleagues. Antivirus/antispyware protection means files on your drives are safe.

Use public or shared computers knowing your drive and any sensitive information on it is protected from attempts to install spyware or worms.

Confidently transfer data among computers, devices and users. Your protected USB drives won’t pick up any viruses along the way that could infect other machines.

Easily print or share photos using any public kiosk. Even if someone has installed malware meant to steal or destroy info, DriveSecurity keeps your devices and files secure.

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