Protect your business against compromised passwords

What is two-factor authentication security?

Two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security to verify that individuals logging in to a computer system are who they say they are. Security experts recommend multi-factor authentication because passwords are often stolen or easily guessed, leaving password-only protected logins vulnerable. In addition to "something the user knows" (the password), the second factor is "something the user has" (his or her cellphone).

Why you need two-factor authentication security

Password-only protected logins are vulnerable because users often use the same passwords on multiple systems. By infiltrating someone else’s system and stealing a list of passwords, a data thief could easily log in as one of your authorized users. Users also tend to choose passwords that are easily remembered, making them easy to guess.

Two-factor authentication is strongly recommended for remote-access logins, or for systems that might contain confidential or sensitive data. Multi-factor authentication is now required by the PCI-DSS security standard for systems that contain or could potentially access payment-card data.

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How ESET Two-Factor Authentication works

Easy for users

Supports one-tap push authentication on Android and iOS devices

Quickly deployed

Integrates with Active Directory or RADIUS and sets up in as little as 10 minutes

Affordable option

Single-server install; requires no additional hardware; works with all popular smartphones

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