Cyberbullying: Far Beyond Playground Teasing

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Cyberbullying: Far Beyond Playground Teasing

Bullying has been an issue for countless generations. But the advent of cyberbullying
has put behavior once limited to the bus stop or playground online for all to see—24/7.

Check out these surprising stats in our video and infographic on cyberbullying below and learn how your family can enjoy safer internet at

Cyberbullying is a dangerous, even life-threatening issue, especially among teenagers. Forty-one percent of teens reported cyberbullying made them feel sad, helpless and depressed, while 18 percent reported feeling suicidal.  More than half of teenagers think cyberbullying is worse than face-to-face bullying.1

The issue has earned global attention and educational campaigns, including Stop Cyberbullying Day on June 17.

Sponsored by the Cybersmile Foundation, a leading resource for cyberbullying support, education and guidance, the worldwide event aims to raise awareness of online abuse and encourage positive action against it.

1Vodafone global survey of 13-18 year-olds by YouGov, 2015