Protecting your business from coinminers

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Did you know that ESET research has shown that coinminers are the most commonly detected malware that ESET customers encounter?

Research from ESET in 2018 revealed that coinminers were the most commonly detected malware that our customers encountered - but what is it and what does it mean for your business?

Malicious cryptominers, or coinmining, is a type of malware designed to steal the resources of a machine to hijack the processing power of a victim’s device and use it for cryptomining. Cryptomining is a lucrative industry which increased in valued around 2017 as the value of various cryptocurrencies soared. Using resources stolen from a victim’s device maximizes the profit of cryptomining, so cyber criminals will use whatever they can get - a laptop, a phone or even an IoT device like a smart TV.

So it’s important to look out for any unusually high processing activity that may signal something is awry and that your systems are being hijacked. The good news is that using a multilayered security solution, such as ESET Smart Security Premium, to block unwanted cryptomining can help to protect your business.