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Demystifying AI: IT Pro's Guide to Artificial Intelligence

May 2024

Demystifying AI: IT Pro's Guide to Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has transformed the security industry, especially with the rise of generative AIT. Security leaders are increasingly utilizing AI for threat detection and response, but there are concerns about its potential misuse for creating sophisticated malware and phishing attacks. Despite these challenges, AI's integration into security practices continues to evolve, shaping how threats are perceived and managed worldwide.

Among security product leaders:

  • More than 50% are using supervised machine learning already
  • More than 80% are actively developing or have plans to integrate generative AI, specifically large-language models

This ongoing transformation underscores the need for security professionals to stay abreast of AI advancements, leveraging its capabilities to enhance cybersecurity while mitigating emerging threats that exploit AI technology for malicious purposes.

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