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Prevention First: 5 Ways to Stop an Attack Before It Starts

May 2024

Prevention First: 5 Ways to Stop an Attack Before It Starts

Over the past five years, cyberattacks have evolved from relying on fully automated software payloads to human intruders conducting hands-on-keyboard attacks to infiltrate networks. This shift highlights the importance of implementing multilayered prevention strategies that address all aspects of the computing environment.

Comprehensive measures significantly reduce the likelihood of adversaries gaining a foothold in systems and limit the potential damage they can inflict. This proactive approach enables security teams to shift their focus from reactive remediation to proactive monitoring and early threat detection. By detecting and blocking intrusions at early stages, organizations can effectively mitigate risks and ensure the security of their networks.

To maintain robust cybersecurity defenses, security teams must understand the evolving nature of cyber threats and adapt their preventive measures accordingly. An integrated approach that addresses vulnerabilities at all levels of the computing environment is key.

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