ESET for government

ESET security solutions deliver the latest in data protection and control, with technology that covers everything from aging legacy systems to mobile, cloud and virtual environments.

Cut costs, not value.

ESET is making it easier for government agencies to guard against unauthorized access, secure sensitive data, and prevent intrusions through our multilayered security postures.

Not only are we doing more to protect, we’re also doing more to preserve, especially when it comes to budgets. ESET allows your IT department the freedom to plan and manage resources, so no seat is wasted and you get the most out of your licenses.

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Multiple layers of security, end-to-end protection and award-winning technology—all from a single security provider.


Extremely low footprint, extremely high detection rates, low false positives—that's ESET.


Designed to free up your valuable IT resources for vital services.

How ESET beats the competition

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Prevents breaches
Safeguard patient data and Personally Identifiable Information (PII) from attacks that can damage your reputation.

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Provides proactive, affordable solutions
Deploy across multiple endpoints and operating systems, including Windows, Mac, Linux and Android

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Extends product life
Reduce costs by keeping legacy systems and hardware running smoothly with ESET’s low system demands.

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Streamlines management
Oversee your entire network—workstations, servers and mobile devices—from a single console.

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Supports customization
Build custom reports using your own variables or choose from hundreds of out-of-the-box reports.

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Speeds up processes
Keep users happy and systems running fast with ESET’s light footprint—no more slowdowns or interruptions.

Solutions made simple

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Light-footprint security
From legacy machines to new mobile devices, you can rest assured that your systems have consistent and flexible protection.

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Business continuity
ESET helps you plan how to keep your agencies and networks running smoothly in the event of cyber attacks or natural disasters.

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Compliance readiness
Auditing, consultation, implementation, and support services are all part of our compliance readiness solutions.

Build your solution

Our ESET specialists are here to help you customize the right security bundle for your business.