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Government organizations are highly attractive to cybercriminals, who see them as both vulnerable and highly profitable. In recent years, these vulnerabilities have increased as the attack surface has expanded. Contributing factors include moving to the cloud; expanding public access to data; increasing use of third-party suppliers and service providers; and the shift toward remote or hybrid office work.

ESET security solutions address these and other challenges common to government organizations of all sizes, including:

Securing confidential information, such as tax records and credit card numbers, while also providing online access.

Preventing interruptions or shutdowns of vital services, such as electricity or water, caused by ransomware or DDoS attacks.

Budget constraints exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic, including loss of tax revenues.

Equipment ranging from legacy hardware and multiple OSes to the latest mobile devices.

Compliance, auditing and reporting requirements driven by PCI DSS, ADA, FISMA, HIPAA and more.

The need for cybersecurity education for all employees.

$18.9B—Cost of ransomware attacks on US government organizations in 2020. March 2021.

$18.2M+—Cost of 2019 ransomware attack on the city of Baltimore.

The Baltimore Sun. May 2019.

73% of government employees in a 2020 survey were concerned about impending ransomware threats to cities across the country.

IBM-Harris Poll Survey. 2020. Public Sector Security Research.

Only 38% of respondents working for state and local governments said they had received cybersecurity training.

IBM-Harris Poll Survey. 2020. Public Sector Security Research.


Protect your endpoints, student and teacher data and intellectual property with ESET’s multilayered technology. The ESET PROTECT platform offers customizable security solutions that are easy to manage from a web console available in convenient bundles.

In addition, these solutions are compatible with both Windows and macOS for seamless integration into your existing systems and are manageable via the cloud or on-premises.

Protect company endpoints and mobile devices with cutting-edge technology and multilayered protection—including file server security and secure online banking—with easy one-click deployment from the cloud console.

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Get advanced security for computers, laptops and mobile devices with both endpoint and file server protection. Includes cloud sandboxing technology against ransomware and zero-day exploits and full disk encryption capability—all managed via a cloud-based console.

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Add an extra layer of protection to your Microsoft 365 cloud email and OneDrive and block email-based attacks—as well as securing your computers, laptops and mobiles. Includes cloud sandboxing technology against ransomware and zero-day exploits and full disk encryption capability.

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Enterprise-grade protection features ESET Enterprise Inspector, our endpoint detection & response solution for rapid analysis and remediation of any network security issue. Includes cloud sandboxing technology against ransomware and zero-day exploits, plus full disk encryption capability.

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